GHS easy

 GHS classification on-line very easily
 Obtaining the available information for your substance
 QSARs for ecotoxicological data and environmental fate
 REACH Safety Data Sheet is available in all European languages
 Label available in all European languages
 Unit cost per substance


1. Choose your username and password to securely access
2. Enter your substance (CAS No., EC No., chemical structure, smiles ...)
3. Easy GHS will list all available information for the substance as well as predictive QSAR data
4. Follow the steps in each display

You get:
• Report with all available information with physical-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological information
• GHS classification
• Safety Data Sheet in any European language with REACH requirements
• Label in any European language REACH

You can always retrieve your information logging in with your username and password
REACH Monitor can prepare your CLP notification to ECHA. Consult: ghs@reachmonitor.org

€ 150 (+ VAT) for one language. Additional Languages 50 € (+ VAT).